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What an Honor! Thank you Arcata Chamber of Commerce!

We are so honored! Thank you Arcata Chamber of Commerce!

Received February 20, 2016!

At Beck’s Bakery we value relationships, nutrition & good flavor. That is why we go the extra mile to purchase locally grown grains directly from the farmer & stone mill them ourselves on our own granite grist mill. We actually know our farmers, their families, and even their dogs…we’ve walked the wheat fields with them and have helped bring in the harvest with them. We are one of only a handful of bakeries in the US that makes bread this way. It is an honorable way to craft bread and we are proud to be able to offer this unique wholesome product to our community.

Harvest at Clover Creek

Harvest at Clover Creek, Upper Lake, California 2014

You can find Beck’s Bakery products at the following locations:


Buy Direct from Beck’s Bakery at:

Farmers' Market Pastries

Farmers’ Market Pastries


  • Beck’s Bakery, Foodworks Culinary Center, 100 Ericson Ct. Suite 100 C,         (drive around the building, we are in the back)

Buy Back – purchase “day-olds” from our freezer. Great for toast, bread pudding, French toast and croutons!

We are now delivering Tuesday – Saturday. We deliver in the afternoon (usually after 1 p.m.) so that you can take home fresh bread for dinner!

 We are a corn and soy-free bakery

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Delivering Beck’s Bakery to Humboldt

You can contact us is through email, phone: 707-840-8004

or snail mail:

Beck’s Bakery, 100 Ericson Ct., Suite 100 C, Arcata, CA, 95521